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Learn About The Breast Cancer Cause And Stay Safe Under Medication

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After checking out the lump on your breast, you went for a checkup. After going through thorough diagnosis, the doctor was sorry to say that you are suffering from breast cancer. When you are old hat, it is quite natural for you to wonder the reasons behind such dreadful news. You were living a healthy and proper life. Then what causes breast cancer? It is hard to pinpoint exact breast cancer cause. However, there are some basic points available, which can help you to learn a little bit about the breast cancer causes.

Learning the reasons behind it

No one would like to be a victim of breast cancer. Unfortunately, if you are, then you have every right to know more about the causes, behind it. Some of the interesting ones are currently mentioned below:

  • Genetics: Well, women with a close relative suffering from ovarian or breast cancer can develop breast cancer, too. But remember that if two family members share the same disease, it does not mean that they have same gene. Nowadays, breast cancer is a common disease, which can affect almost anybody.
  • Age: The most common cause of growing cancer is the age. The older a woman gets, the higher is the chance to grow breast cancer. Most of the time, this disease affects women, above 50 years of age. It takes place after menopause session.
  • Genes: Women, who have BRCA2 and BRCA 1 genes, always have the high chances of growing breast cancer. They can even develop ovarian cancer. Sometimes, these genes can be inherited. There is another gene, which can lead to higher rate of breast cancer, and that is TP53.
  • History: Women, which have breast cancer and even non-invasive one, have the right to redevelop disease again. Therefore, they must be more cautious about their health, before going through any result.
  • Types of breast lumps: Women, suffering from benign or non-cancerous lumps have right to develop cancer, on a later stage. Some of the examples over here are iobular carcinoma or ductal hyperplasia in situ.
  • Breast tissue: If you have dense breast tissue, then there are high chances of becoming a victim of breast cancer, later. It is always important to consult an oncologist for following some preventive measures.
  • Obesity: Eating junk foods can be tasty, but it gives rise to obesity, and leading to high chances of growing breast cancer. Not just the overweight women, but even the post-menopause people have higher chances of growing breast cancerous cells. There is higher estrogen level available in obese form of menopausal women.
  • Exposure of estrogen: Women who have entered menopause later or have periods at an early stage, then there are higher risk associated with breast cancer development. As the bodies are exposed to estrogen longer, therefore; it can give rise to higher form of estrogen.

These are some of the causes, revolving around breast cancer. However, here is another cause of breast cancer, too. The women, who are taller than the average one, can develop breast cancer. Well, experts are not quite sure why!

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